3: Unsung Heroes of OCR

I contacted Spartan to change my race-time for this Saturday’s sprint in Houston. This is a process with which I am all too familiar, because I had to change schedules a billion times last year for various reasons. So many racers do this regularly that most (if not all) race series provide the option online. Unfortunately, there were some complications, and I needed to contact an actual representative. Spartan had every right to say, “Sorry, the race is just days away. You’re just going to have to deal with it.” Instead, the reps I worked with were both understanding and accommodating.

This type of customer service isn’t unique to Spartan. My dealings with Savage Race, Battle Frog, and Conquer the Gauntlet have been equally awesome. I share this because we are often so quick to criticize. We point out things that go wrong without praising the countless things that are going right thanks to people taking care of business and excelling at their jobs. No medals, maybe a paycheck, but seldom a “thank you.”

Behind every OCR event, there are countless jobs and decisions that you and I never think about because someone is being paid to think about it for us. Well, maybe! I am constantly surprised by how many responsibilities are handled by volunteers or by enthusiastic staffers who just love this community and serve it for next-to-nothing. Yet, even among the paid staff, the majority of reps I’ve dealt with have gone above-and-beyond to give participants an amazing experience. As unnoticed as they may seem, these positive encounters contribute to the continuing growth of the sport and the community. So, if you’re working races behind the scenes (maybe never even leaving the office to attend the events you’re supporting), and nobody has told you lately… “THANKS!”

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