Faith is First for Lauren Woodcock

Lauren Woodcock is already having a fantastic 2017 race season: Green Beret Challenge (Houston), 1st Place Elite Female; Terrain Race (Houston), 2nd Place Elite Female; and Spartan Sprint (Houston), 2nd Place Elite Female

No racer wants to hear, “You don’t look like an athlete.” Sadly, that’s kinda what The Mud Movement told Lauren Woodcock after she took the podium at Spartan’s Houston Sprint. Fortunately, she understood our point as the compliment for which it was intended. You see, Lauren’s faith has a huge influences on how she races from her attitude before, during, and after the race to what she wears on and off the course. In that regard, we were happy to tell Lauren that we noticed and appreciate how she lets her light shine as she enjoys ever-growing success in OCR.

(Click to hear The Mud Movement‘s Interview with Lauren Woodcock)

It was a pleasure to visit with Lauren Woodcock. Keep up with her of Facebook as Lauren Woodcock and on Instagram @ninja_supergirl.

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