About TMM

Some people don’t get Obstacle Course Racing. They scoff at our enthusiasm for running, climbing, lifting, carrying, hanging, falling, and crawling, and they mark it up as an early mid-life crisis. All they see are a bunch of over-sized children who never grew up from playing in the mud. However, for the ever-growing number of us who have experienced the blood, sweat, tears, exhaustion, resurrection and absolute thrill of achieving what we or others once thought was impossible, we know OCR is so much more than mud. IT’S A MOVEMENT!

The Mud Movement is dedicated to spotlighting the internal, artistic, and athletic beauty of Obstacle Course Racing through the lens of faith, fitness, and fortitude. We believe that most OCR participants run for a reason. We approach every course and obstacle as a tangible metaphor for the real life obstacles we face every day. We believe that the race day mantras of “push harder, keep going, get back up, and never quit” should be echoed and embodied throughout every aspect of our lives.

Whether you come to compete or just aim to complete, it is our calling at The Mud Movement to inspire current and future OCR participants. May you find that internal and external strength, courage, and determination required of you to confront the muddy challenges of this sport and your own unique reality.

Contact The Mud Movement to talk OCR, faith, or whatever is on your mind using the form below.


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