The More Than Mudcast

The More than Mudcast is a fun look at endurance and success within and outside of the OCR community. Enjoy insightful interviews and colorful “bits” all polished with super high production value. TMM’s More than Mudcast is also available on Stitcher and can be subscribed to on iTunes.

Episode 7. Isaiah Vidal and Heidi Williams

Isaiah Vidal talks about injury, faith, and whether he’s a jerk. Also, Coley checks in with Heidi Williams who continues to inspire others while conquering obstacles as a master age-class leader. Plus, hear what to expect from TMM in 2018!

Episode 6. OCR Kings, Colleen Ricks, Colin O’Brady

The OCR Kings talk about their race recap and tutorial videos which are getting major traffic on YouTube. Colleen Ricks tells how OCR has helped with her healing. Finally, Colin O’Brady is an endurance athlete and world record holding mountain climber… and it all started in a foreign hospital. Very inspiring!

Episode 5. Brooke Van Paris (Beast Mode Barbie) and Michael Mark

Coley talks to two contestants from Season 5 of Broken Skull Challenge. First, Michael Mark talks about the show and Fit Link Media. Brooke Van Paris talks about her time on Broken Skull as well as American Grit. Brooke also tells about how she went from depending on others for the most basic needs to becoming the powerfully independent Beast Mode Barbie!

Episode 4. Veejay Jones, Jason Kiley, and Sandy Reyes

Veejay Jones talks about his first season as the youngest Spartan Pro Team member. Jason Kiley talks about winning Best in Show at World Beard Championships. Sandy Reyes tells about Zombie Charge.

Episode 3. US OCR Champs and “Name that Miracle”

Coley talks about giving up, excuse vs. explanation, and recaps the US OCR Championships with guests Nicole Mericle, Adrian Bijanada, Hunter McIntyre, Jame and Josh White, Beni Gifford, Kevin Gillotti, Laura Messner, Shena Forkner Hardy, Brandon Hull, and Kevin “Bubbles the Clown” Gregory.

Episode 2. Donoghue and Reed

Coley congratulates Kevin Donoghue on now holding the record for the most elite wave Spartan finishes: 125 (at the time of the recording). Kevin also shares some classic stories of hang’n with Spartan O.G.s and Joe Desena.

Crossfitter Tennil Reed-Beuerlein talks about winning the OC event at 2017 Crossfit Games and placing highest among U.S. women. Tennil also talk training, recovering, and faith.

Episode 1. Walker and Schlachter

Coley gets to know Alex “Big A” Walker and gives unsolicited help in getting Alex on the Spartan Pro Team.

Margaret Schlachter tells about the upcoming U.S. OCR National Championships in Mountain Home, TX.

Course building legend Russel Neels (aka., “Rusty Nails”) tells about original Tough Guy obstacle race.


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