Our first Tough Mudder…Finally!

It was way overdue, but The Mud Movement finally tackled our first Tough Mudder. It was just recently in Dallas, and I have to tell you… IT WAS AMAZING! Tough Mudder comes by its name honestly; it is tough and there is plenty of mud. Let’s talk about what makes Tough Mudder different from other obstacle course races and what sets it apart as something you should experience to understand.

First, the mud! It seems like mud is somewhat synonymous with obstacle course racing. And while this is fairly accurate, there are many times where the course and/or mother nature does not cooperate with this concept. I have run several intentionally dry races (think Spartan Stadium series) and some that were light on the mud due to logistical or weather reasons. Well, Tough Mudder does not shy away from the mud whatsoever. Tons and tons of mud is present at what seems like every other obstacle (luckily the in between is more water than mud to help rinse you off). You will get muddy, but this is a
good thing. Yes, climbing over a mound of mud instead of dirt is more difficult. But sliding down the other side is easy and just plain fun.

Now for the “tough” part. Don’t let this part scare you away from Tough Mudder. It does have some difficult obstacles, but the great news is that you are not competing alone. To this point, Tough Mudder does not bill itself as a race, but as a challenge. So the obstacles are designed in such a way to reinforce the idea of teamwork throughout. For example, the obstacle Pyramid Scheme requires you to climb a slippery wall roughly 20’ tall at a 45-degree angle. To do this, one person stands on another’s shoulders while a third person scales these people. From there the third person reaches out to other Mudders at
the top that can help pull you over the edge. But maybe you are worried that you do not have enough people on your team, or that you are running it solo. Have no fear. The other Mudders around you will gladly lend you their hands (or backs or shoulders or any other part necessary to help you over).

So. if you have not had the chance to tackle a Tough Mudder, I highly recommend it. Get a group of your friends to go together; you won’t regret it. But if you can’t get them off the couch, don’t be afraid to go alone. Because once you get on the course, you are never alone again. You will push yourself; you will get mud in various nooks and crannies of your body; but most importantly, you will have fun. And don’t let the Electroshock Therapy scare you. Maybe they forgot to pay the electric bill that day!

Happy mudding, and God bless.

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