Join Team Mud Movement

Just like getting up and over the largest group walls at our first obstacle course race, The Mud Movement needs your help! As we constantly strive to serve the OCR community better, we value advice from those who understand what we’re about. That’s why we love brainstorming with our biggest supporters, Team Mud Movement. From life hacks to training tips to recommendations for our videos and social media, we find that input from Team Mud Movement is priceless. We occasionally even solicit the team’s expertise on some of the “real life” obstacles we face.

Join Team Mud Movement to receive monthly updates on our projects and personal journeys. We also reach out to the team for articles, product reviews, and when we have extra swag to give away. Above all else, this is a way to get to know each other better and understand why you/we run. After all, it’s more than mud; IT’S A MOVEMENT!

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