We Want to Come to Your Race!

2017 was an amazing dress rehearsal for The Mud Movement; now, we’re ready to take this show on the road! Our goal is to reach beyond the heartland and race in a different state every month. As we schedule our 2018 TMM Tour, consider helping us experience your race and share it with our growing TMM family.

Watch this quick video to learn about The Mud Movement (music from http://www.bensound.com).

  • Social Media– We’ll make a lot of noise about your race on our Facebook and Instagram beginning two to three weeks leading into the race.
  • Muddy Monday– We’re launching a weekly OCR news update in 2018. Make an appearance on the show to talk about your race.
  • TMM Spotlight Video– We are anxious to produce our signature style race recap video. This is our opportunity to show and tell viewers how much fun we had at your race.
  • Evergreen Race Video– We will also produce a second video that captures the action and spirit of the day, but without our commentary. This professional video could easily be used as a marketing asset for years to come.
  • Podcast–  Let’s talk at length about the race on TMM’s “More than Mudcast.”

We can discuss the exact number of impressions in future correspondence. That’s what you get, but…


Race Entries- We will require two race entries so we can experience the spirit of the race firsthand.

Housing and/or Travel– Our transportation requirements depend on the race’s location and proximity to our homes in N. Texas/S. Oklahoma. As for accommodations, we can sleep almost anywhere with some beds and a roof.


To get a full sense of what we do, check out some of our most popular race videos including the Spartan Super in Austin (2K organic views on YouTube).

and the 2017 US OCR Championships (5K organic views on Facebook).

In our first year as an OCR media outlet, we made a number of friends in Oklahoma and Texas. Our recap videos were shared many times over on Facebook and YouTube. While those who have found us seem to love our content, the majority of OCR enthusiasts outside of our region are unfamiliar with The Mud Movement. That’s why 2018 will undoubtedly be a year of growth as we tour the US, expand content to include weekly news,  and feature frequent training tips from certified coaches. Knowing the opportunities for growth in 2018, now is the perfect time to partner with The Mud Movement.

Our partnership is more than exposure; it’s content. The content created by The Mud Movement featuring your race can be shared on your website and various social media platforms.

So, let’s talk details as to how we can make it to your race in 2018. Email johncoleyvideo@gmail.com, or call 580.380.3754. 

Before you go, check this out…

We’re still experimenting w/ various platforms. This video only pulled 100 views on YouTube, but it has racked up 9,400 organic views (clicks) on Facebook including multiple shares.

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